Tuesday, August 18
firebirdA few weeks ago, I noted thatShannon Gunn‘s newFirebird Organ Trio was a rare one indeed: a combination of organ and trombone. Now, having seen that combo play, I can’t help but think, “what took them so long?” The organ and the trombone are a natural fit in terms of range (even with organ doubling as ground bass), timbre, and soul, something for which the ‘bone, with its unique palette of tone colors, has an unheralded knack. Gunn compounds that with a canny melodic sense in her improvisations, somehow tightly thematic and loosely abstract at the same time. Drummer Allen Jones has an intricately formed but solid sense of groove, no weaker tracing a funk line than in swinging away. The organ is a rotating seat; this week, it will be warmed by jazz polymath Todd Simon, who has yet to prove himself anything but fantastic in the music. The Firebird Organ Trio performs at 8 p.m. at Columbia Station, 2325 18th Street NW. Free.

– Michael J. West, Washington City Paper Arts Desk Blog (click here for link)

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  1. Amanda Paull says:

    website looks awesome! Firebird organ trio rocks!

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